Accident & Emergency Center 24 Hr.






Unpredictable circumstances such as accidents are inevitable. They can happen to your loved ones or even to your beloved pets. We understand the sense of urgency that needs to be attended to as quickly as possible. Muang Ake Pet Hospital provides 24-hour emergency and surgical centers under supervision of professional nurses and veterinarians.

The treatment and operation rooms are fitted with cutting edge medical equipment. The hospitals also serve as referral center hubs for other local pet clinics so that all emergencies are treated and lives are saved as soon as possible. The hospital branches locate at Muang Ake, Klong Sam, Klong see, Pattaya and Pattaya Community branches.


















Emergency Sign

Severe vomiting and diarrhea
Severe coughing
Allergic reaction
Car crash, Severe collision, Injuries in fall from heights
Ingestion of toxic agent or foreign bodies
Bite wound


Emergency Surgery

Diaphragmatic hernia
Thoracic wall rupture
Post traumatic abdominal hernia
Splenic torsion
Gastric dilatation and volvulus
Gastric foreign bodies
Accidental urinary rupture
Caesarean section




Laser therapy
Swimming pool
Rehabilitation room
Underwater trade mill